Services for both Business & Home Users

As computers are prevalent both at work and at home, e-axiom offers products and services that are suitable for both business and home users. Whether you have only one computer at home, or you are a business with 200 people, e-axiom will have a product or service that could be of great value to you.

Our service offering includes many of the challenges faced by business, students and home users: Proactive monitoring & maintenance, Onsite & Offsite service, Backup & Disaster recovery services, VPN setup & VPN administration, Wireless & Wired Network installation and configuration, Mobile email access, Business software installation, Server virtualization.

And if you need help at home, our service offering includes: Data recovery from accidental loss, Computer setup (Mac & PC) and introductory training, Setup your Internet service, Home network installation & configuration, Anti-Virus configuration & optimisation, Data backup & restore, PC repair & upgrade, Warranty management.


24x7 Remote Monitoring / Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance

Many organisations simply cannot afford to have dedicated staff to monitor and manage their business servers, e-axiom can cost effectively provide this service to your business.

Our 24x7 remote monitoring service monitors and maintains a log of a number of key metrics that affect your systems performance and reliability, some of these include: processor load, memory utilisation, disk space utilisation, installed software, etc. These and other key indicators will have alerts set by our engineers to enable us predict a failure or problem before it happens. When a serious event is predicted or discovered, we will remotely access your server to investigate the issue further, or if possible repair the problem immediately; should the issue require us to visit your site, we will contact you and schedule a suitable time to come in and conduct the required maintenance.

At the end of each month, you will receive a report of all incidents and a summary of your server's performance, including any recommended upgrades or work to be done.

Data Recovery

Have you ever accidently deleted a file or folder of information and then realised that you just lost the work you were rushing to finish? Or did you ever accidently format or partition your hard and lost all of your data? These problems are more common than you think and many people often make the problem worse than it needs to be by trying to fix it themselves. e-axiom now proved a data recovery service for PC and Mac users where if one of these situations described above or a virus destroyed your files.

Simply shutdown your computer (if you can), or just turn it off and give e-axiom a call. Over 90% of the time we have successfully recovered all the lost files and save users countless hours of rework and sometimes even their jobs.

Website Development

For over 20 years we have provided full-cycle services in the areas of Internet based software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web application and portal development. Combining our solid business experience, technical expertise, knowledge on current / leading latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model, e-axiom is the perfect partner to assist you with developing your online presence.

Website and Mail Hosting Services

e-axiom engineers have been involved in the Internet since before its wide spread adoption in Australia in 1991. Our engineers were involved in the early developments and deployment of Internet services in Australia since early 1988. As more companies are becoming dependant on the Internet for their communications, customer engagement, customer support, marketing and sales, the need for redundant and resilient servers and network connections are critical for sustainable business continuity planning. Implementing the level of service required is cost prohibitive in a small scale, therefore e-axiom purchases and remarkets services from globally recognised tier 1 Internet Data Centres (IDCs).

Our approach allows us to focus on customer service quality, rather than prohibitively expensive IDC infrastructure support costs. Our IDC partners have redundant tier 1 connections on the Internet backbone with the fastest possible peering arrangements available on the planet. This allows customers hosted on their servers to provide the fastest possible connectivity to the global market place.

Remote Backup & Restore

Don't risk losing your data to some risky promise to yourself that you will do a backup - treat your information with the respect it warrants and let e-axiom setup a fully automated online backup and recovery solution for your PC, Macintosh or business. We can install smart software and leveraging your existing Internet connectivity, your data protection strategy receives all the benefits of expert technical support, top-rated datacentres, and maximum-security controls.

Reliable offsite backup breeds confidence through recovery assurance. For lost files, a few mouse-clicks are all it takes to restore them instantly. For larger recoveries, we may need to dispatch an engineer with a portable disk device containing a copy of your recovery data.

Server Virtualization

One of the most exciting advances to hit the computer industry in the last 10 years has been server virtualization. Server virtualisation reduce your costs by maximising the utilisation of your existing servers. Virtualization allows you concurrently execute multiple servers of varying technology on the same platform reducing the hardware you need to buy multiple servers.

Ask us how we can implement an efficient and redundant solution to match your business and budget needs.


Website & Mail Hosting Plans





Medium Size




Monthly Subscription $6.50/month
Storage Space 10 MB 25 MB 100 MB 250 MB
Monthly Bandwidth 1 GB 5 GB 50 GB 120 GB
Email Accounts 1 5 50 10