In the beginning


e-axiom was first established in 2003 for the purposes of developing software for the Telecommunications and Internet market segments. Not much later, we released a number of applications including an in-house Telco and Telco Product Financial Modelling package used for break-even analysis and modelling of new telephony products and services; the "maxim" Content Management System, and a self-managing broadband solution for office buildings, apartment buildings, hotels and high density housing known as RoomRack.

Engineering excellence


All of our products benefit from the knowledge capital accumulated over 30 years of designing, developing and deploying solutions in a variety of market segments all over the world. e-axiom's key philosophy is to build in quality first, and then add bells and whistles soon after. Pride in workmanship is found through out our products and services and is a key tenant of how we conduct our business.

Quality is a word that is often confused, misunderstood and abused - the engineering quality and design robustness of RoomRack was truly tested during the 2004 tsunami that affected most of Thailand's tourist resorts. RoomRack was installed at a 6 star luxury hotel resort on an island 30km off the coast of Phuket, Thailand. During the tsunami, RoomRack was ravaged by swirling ocean swells and was inundated under 6 feet of water. After RoomRack system was recovered from the devastation, it was inspected, dried out and cleaned by the on-site resort technicians; the hard drives containing the brain of the system were sent to the Singaporean National Data Recovery Centre for data extraction. The data was successfully extracted and duplicated onto new hard drives and reinstalled in RoomRack. The power was turned on and RoomRack came back to life.

RoomRack was the culmination of many years of R&D in system automation, self-diagnosis and automatic self-reconfiguration. Built on open-systems protocols and open source software, RoomRack can be left to reliably manage itself in almost any environment.

High words of praise

Before the tsunami RoomRack never missed a beat. RoomRack simply stood there every day operating without any attendance or intervention. RoomRack continuously delivered optimum communication services for our whole resort. After the tsunami and we found RoomRack, we were sure that we were in trouble, but our resort engineers cleaned everything up and we took the precautionary measure of having the RoomRack drives mirrored to new drives, once that had been done, we powered RoomRack up and it started working as normal.

Daniel, Resort Owner and Developer